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Founded in 2003, Dongguan manlujia Shoes Co., Ltd. is a professional development, mass production, sales of shoes, handbags, bags, furniture cushion surface, car interior, wall decoration, etc. 60cm to 150cm width cross knitting, covering an area of more than 2000 square meters, with 15 large width knitting machines, 150 hemp bar, leather material horse machine belt machines, and other complete machinery and equipment, There are machine knitting group, semi manual and semi machine group, pure manual knitting group, crochet group, knitting group and quality inspection group. There are more than 50 professional and active knitting teams and more than 200 manual teams.
Our company adheres to the tenet of "honesty first, quality first, fast service and innovative demand" to win win-win and trust for new and old customers. Welcome to visit the elite guidance, business negotiations, create a win-win situation.


Dongguan manlujia Shoes Co., Ltd

RealName:Cai Wuwu


Address:Area a, 4th floor, building a, 28 Shangyong Road, SANTUN Village Houjie town Dongguan Guangdong

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